This is the remains of the website which caused a huge behind the scenes political storm within the British Establishment & Forced David Cameron’s hand to include a referendum within the conservative party’s manifesto.

The research information on this website was put together by Dave Barnby & handed to an ex police special Albert Burgess who picked up the information & began doing talks where he gained support of the alternative news networks across the country including Rick Margetts who built the online presence.

The original site was viewed millions of times & had over 1000 backlinks of sites linking to the information within. MP’s & Lords across all parties were praising the ease of access in which the information was delivered.

Unfortunately, the hard drive where the site backups were stored were stolen & within a week of this happening unbeknown to us the platform we hosted on was sold & required backups in order to restore the site.

This site is a rebuild of the original which contains all of the most critical information. This would’ve been an almost impossible task had it not been for web archive- The remains of which are availible at https://web.archive.org/web/20120306114343/http://www.acasefortreason.org.uk/index.php/the-evidence-files

Links Currently INACTIVE

The below video taken from the program letter to the times shows how both the government and media deliberately mislead the public with regard to our entry into the then EEC