Ref Murder by Government – Chief Coroner HH J Lucraft QC

HH J Lucraft QC
Chief Coroner
Room C09
Royal Courts of Justice

21st October 2020

Ref Murder by government

Your Honour
I am writing to you in your capacity as her Majesty’s chief coroner with responsibility for investigating the causes of death of her Majesty’s subjects. I am enclosing copies of two letters to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police as the constable responsible for policing Parliament and those who sit in the Palace of Westminster, and a copy of an email to all Chief Constables.

You will be aware that it is a definition of murder that if you take a decision to do or not do something and a result of your decision another person dies that is a legal definition of the major crime of murder at common law.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP her Majesty’s Minister of health took a conscious decision to empty hospital beds on the advice of his Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance and the Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Whitty. The expected influx of covid 19 patients did not arrive and hospital beds remained largely empty. People who had illnesses like cancer had their treatment put on hold in case they caught the covid 19 virus. The result as you will see from my letters to the Commissioner, people who could and should have been treated have as a direct result of their treatment being put on hold have died as a direct result of the decision taken by Matt Hancock on the advice of Vallance and Whitty.

These deaths were preventable and the law says should have been prevented. A primary duty of the constable and the courts is and must be the preservation of life.

My concern is that these avoidable deaths a predicted figure being 30,000 plus will in the event of the victim dying of cancer that is what will go on the death certificate, when it should be murder by neglect.

My reason for writing to you is to ask that you ask every coroner to check on all deaths and what led up to them and if the death is attributable to having lifesaving treatment withdrawn or put on hold, the local coroner should ask the police to conduct a full murder enquiry with a view to bringing charges against the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Sir Patrick Vallance, Dr Chris Whitty and the administrators of all health authorities who carried out their instructions. People died because they did what they were told whilst knowing refusing treatment was handing out a death sentence. The Nuremburg defence did not work for Hitler’s Generals it must not be allowed to work in the NHS.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

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