Letter to Boris Johnson 26/12/2020


17.4,000 000 people voted to leave the EU they voted to leave not one of those 17.4,000 000 mentioned they wanted a deal in fact had they been asked if they wanted a deal you would have been greeted with a resounding NO, NO, NO yet our government spent 4 years talking a deal with the EU a deal no one wanted, even those who wanted to remain did not ask for a deal.

Yet for four years the politicians we voted into office have ignored the instructions they were given by her Majesty’s loyal subjects. You have a clear duty to defend her Majesty’s authority which demands only her Majesty’s law has any place in her Kingdom and yet you chose to allow the ECJ a continued say over her Majesty’s subjects within her realm. This is entirely contrary to English Common, and Constitutional law and the Custom and Practice of England.

I would remind you that in the past the people have killed or removed Kings for betraying English law when they offences were not as serious as your betrayal of her Majesty’s subjects and indeed her Majesty herself. You are not legally trained but this constitutes an act of treason contrary to the constitutional arrangements of England, and by allowing the ECJ any say in her Majesty’s ancient Kingdom you are imagining her Majesty’s death as a fully sovereign Queen of England which constitutes high treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act which is still alive and well on the statute books.

So, I would suggest you tell the EU the deal is off and we are keeping our fishing grounds and the RN will actively defend our waters and our fishing fleet and the ECJ has no say in her Majesties Kingdom. I would remind you the penalty for high treason is death. Blair’s repeal of the death penalty for treason was itself an act of treason because by removing the ultimate penalty he has made treason more likely and placed her Majesty and the constitution at grave risk. Back out of the deal or 17.4000 000 people will want your head on the block in defence of her Majesty and her Kingdom. There will be no shortage of volunteers for public executioner. 

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