Brexit – Our Role Forcing the Referendum

Albert Burgess

On the 19th May 1986 I was attested as a special constable into the Metropolitan police an office of state I felt a great sense of honour to hold. I had passed the vetting the medical and the interview. I was in the last intake into the police where offences against the state were taught. The last book on police law to deal with them was Moriarty’s Police Law this was a book written by two Chief Constables with sixty years experience of hands on policing and read through and approved by another Chief Constable. Ninety years experience of hands on policing. It was a book written by coppers for coppers it explained the law and how to apply it in great detail and it was my bedtime reading.

Five years after I had retired from the police with a very good record, I was given a CD Rom with two hundred pages of government papers from the Heath era detailing government actions into how they took us into the EEC. I have always loved history and I was told these documents all marked secret, confidential or restricted were of historical interest. They were liberated from the public records office by David Barnby and the full six hundred pages he found cost him £800. David deserves a vote of thanks from every Brexiteer. I started reading them with my historians’ hat on, after ten minutes me historians hat had been kicked into the corner and I was wearing by coppers hat by the time I had finished I had found five major crimes committed at the highest levels of government. Sedition by undermining English common and constitutional law. A conspiracy to subvert English common and Constitutional law. Treason by handing this ancient Kingdom over lock stock and barrel to a foreign power the EEC/EU. A conspiracy to commit treason, and the least serious crime by failing to properly account for monies given by the foreign office to outside bodies the little matter of fraudulent accounting.

I printed the papers did a write up of the crimes and took them to Thames Valley Police they laughed, then I started talking around the country and people started reporting treason to their local force. The police stopped laughing, more reports went in then the police started talking to each other about treason, not how to deal with it but how to avoid dealing with it. I did more talks and more treason reports went in now everyone was talking treason at the highest levels of government. Blair tried to get the law commission to repeal the treason laws, I explained to the law commission that if you repeal a treason law that places the Sovereign and constitution at grave risk and that was an act of treason. They said they only recommended the repeal it was Parliament that repealed it. I replied that constituted a conspiracy with others to commit treason by placing the Sovereign and constitution at risk by removing the protections around them. Then I said I do not know you; I am not sleeping with your sister if you want to spend the rest of your life in prison I don’t care. You recommend the repeal of another treason law and I will do my level best to see you spend the rest of your life in prison and my level best is very good. It took three weeks before they came back and you can bet, they looked in every book they could find and talked to the best legal brains around, and then they said we have no plans to look at the treason laws. So, we still have treason laws. More treason reports went in then the police started recorded the crime reports and more people were talking treason. And more treason reports went in.


Late update 1 May 2014

  1. Devon and Cornwall Police

Treason report recorded DCP/20120904/0473 and referred to the Met. Whose reference is 6006001/12.

  1. Bedfordshire Police

URN 184 dated 04/10/2012

  1. Cambridge Police

Cambridge police referred the report of treason to the Met. on 22 March 2012

Crime Related Incident number CC-22032012-0170 and Met. reference is 6006001/12.

  1. Cheshire Police

Jack’s comments regarding police reopening past investigations about politicians’ paedophilia in return for Conservatives’ attack on police pensions, salaries and conditions.

Given CRI 206 22/01/13

  1. Durham Police

Crime Related Incident number DHM-01112012-0295 on 2 November 2012

(Maastricht Treason evidence)

  1. Dyfed Powys Police

Treason report recorded and referred to the Met on 13 March as number MI/159/11.

Met reference (as yet unknown).

Dyfed Powys Police are currently uncommunicative on this.

  1. Hertfordshire Police

Have logged this under CRI reference number URN 356 of 03/10/12 and forwarded to the Met.

Also logged under CRI number Hi, Chaps-05062013-0446 and forwarded to Met. 12 June 2013.

  1. Lancashire Police

Treason report recorded in August as number (still to hear back from them) and referred to the Met. whose reference is (as yet unknown).

Lancashire Police are currently uncommunicative on this.

  1. Leicestershire Police

Reported by Paul Talbot-Jenkins that Leicestershire Police told him they’d forwarded his treason allegations to the Met.  His email dated 20/02/2013.

10 Thames Valley Police

Accepted Misconduct in Public Office against Cameron and Mandelson CRI no. ZZ4393828/14

  1. Wiltshire Police

Recorded and referred to Home Office National Crime Registrar and the Crown Prosecution Service on 16 March 2012 as Crime Related Incident (CRI) number 5411010866.

(Case reference numbers requested and as yet still unknown).

Wiltshire police HO and CPS contacts are: –

Steve Bond – Home Office National Crime Registrar, (0207 0350280)

Katie Waterman, Senior Policy Advisor, Strategy and Policy Directorate in the CPS.

  1. Wiltshire Police 2ndd allegation.

Reported by post to Wilts Chief Constable 31 August 2013.  He told me to report it to the Met.  I replied demanding he pass it to the Met. 27 September 2013.  He passed it to the Met on 2 Oct under ref. 6548305/13 which went to the local Borough of Westminster. (See paper letter).

  1. West Mercia Police

Report of Maastricht Treason forwarded to West Mercia Police Legal Department on 8 October 2012

  1. Warwickshire Police

Reported by Christopher Roswell to Chief Constable Andy Parker ref AP/DC/409-13 late July 1013

Treason allegations against Tony Blair ref CCS3651/5/14.  Crime number advised on 1 May 2014

  1. Police Service of Northern Ireland Maastricht ref 511 6.5.2014
  2. Gwent Police Crime number 130/08/07/14 Major, Hurd and Maude and Blair, Cameron and Clegg

Without the English constitution group of 250 dedicated people reporting treason all over the country the police would still be laughing, In particular I will single out three people Jane Birkby and Joan Martin two older Ladies who are really great researchers and who worked tirelessly to find the information I asked for and almost every time the answer came very quickly and to Rex Poulter who found the personnel email addresses of every Chief Constable in the land, this was useful because when I wanted them to get anything I would send it to Rex and he would forward it for me so a big thank you goes to the English Constitution Group for all their work contacting the police with treason allegations and refusing to go away even when threatened with arrest.

Now the people were talking treason over the entire country and government were getting scared I reported Blair, Cameron and Clegg for treason contrary to section 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act by the changes they had made and were proposing making to the House of Lords. The Justice Ministry were caught trying to repeal sec 3 and they had to go public saying if they had repealed it, they would all go to prison for life.

Then running scared Cameron gave us the referendum thinking they would win and the treason laws would have been over turned by the peoples vote. They lost so the Remainers were set in motion mass protests civil unrest blame the leavers get the vote reversed then the election and Boris walked it. And we still have fourteen treason laws. Moriarty’s Police Law gave me the knowledge, Dave Barnby gave me the information and Nick Bowen funded my running costs talking all over the country and my sheer bloody mindedness kept me going when people were saying what can you do and you know nothing, you’re just a special. I was but I was also a bloody good copper.

Albert Burgess