Ref Murder by government – To all Chief Constables .2

To all Chief Constables

22nd October 2020
Ref Murder by government

First let me apologize on the missing letter from my email address this was an oversight.

I did however get a reply from Gwent constabulary in which they stated they work closely with the coroner. This I consider a cop out, when some one is diagnosed with an illness like cancer and subsequently dies of cancer the presiding physician will on the paperwork put cause of death as cancer. That is all the coroner will see, he will not be told the cancer was when found treatable with a high success rate if treated as soon as it is found. The coroner will not be told the person died of cancer because once it had been diagnosed the treatment was deliberately with held on the instructions of the minister of health acting on the advice of Vallance and Whitty.

I am asking that you ask questions get a court order for the hospitals to notify you of all deaths, a quick chat with the next of kin will tell you in treatment was put on hold so the cancer developed to the stage where it was terminal. If the next of kin tells you treatment was put on hold I am asking you to treat the death as a suspicious death and start a full murder enquiry.

This enquiry should be aimed at placing all guilty parties before the courts on a charge of conspiracy to murder. It was the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP who issued the statutory instruments that closed the hospitals down he did this on the advice of Professors Vallance and Whitty. Those orders to close hospitals to all but covid patients were complied with by local health authorities and with the compliance of the senior Doctors in those hospitals.

Every one involved would have known that by shutting the hospitals so people were not exposed to covid from Hancock to the hospital porter would know that people would die as a result. I reiterate if you take a decision to do or not do something and as a result someone dies that is a legal definition of murder at common law.

The job of the constable is primarily the preservation of lives, it has been estimated that without treatment 30,000 plus people will die the biggest mass murder in the history of this island Kingdom. But you can stop that by investigating deaths which have occurred and taking death bed statements from those who though not yet dead have no hope of survival after their treatment was put on hold. All you have to do is treat these deaths like any other murder enquiry. If each force proves one case each though there will be more in each force area that is 43 murder charges brought against all who did nothing and allowed these people to die. You do that and everyone who needs treatment will get it. And you will have carried out your duty to preserve life.
These needless deaths are murder over time like a slow poisoning, but they are none the less as far as the law is concerned murder no different than someone stabbing someone to death in a bar fight.
Respectfully Submitted

Albert Burgess

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