To all Chief Constables : Ref murder by government

Dear Sir/Mam
You will have recently received copies of two letters to the Commissioner of the Metropolis. These letters contained allegations of murder against the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Sir Patrick Vallance Chief Scientific Officer to the government and Dr Chris Whitty Chief Medical Officer to the government. Vallance and Whitty have advised government in the form of Matt Hancock the Minister of Health. The Minister by statutory instrument has issued orders to the country effectively closing the country down under pain of very large fines.

The Minister Mr Hancock has ordered the hospitals to empty beds largely unused ready for a major influx of covid 19 cases as well as the construction of a number of very large Nightingale hospitals largely unused. The result being that people needing urgent treatment for cancers and other life-threatening illnesses have died as a result of essential treatments being put on hold, and more will die a projected figure I have seen being 30,000 plus unnecessary deaths. Which could and would have been prevented had the hospitals not been closed to these patients on the off chance they might catch covid 19 and die. I am sure if you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness like cancer which if untreated is 100% certain to kill you, you would take the gamble and risk contracting covid which it is by no means certain you would.

It is a legal definition if you take a decision to do or not do something and someone dies as a result that is murder, if you take the decision through stupidity and someone dies that is manslaughter.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP has degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Vallance and Whitty have degrees in medicine none of them will admit to stupidity. So, we are left with the charge of murder. I submit even a complete idiot would work out that if you refuse treatment to a cancer patient or someone needing heart surgery or dialysis they will die. So why would three highly educated people take a decision which is effectively a death sentence for an estimated 30.000 people. Matt Hancock, I believe has 70% shares in a company making vaccines and is heavily pushing fear tactics on the population whilst talking about mandatory vaccination for all. Vallance has £600,000 worth of shares in Glaxo Smith Kline who have had an order placed with them for 30,000 000 doses of vaccine which to date does not exist. Whitty was given a research grant of £31,000 000 by Bill Gates who wants to vaccinate the world making Whitty indebted to Bill Gates. You are all experienced coppers you can and should verify this for yourselves.

This withholding of treatment is across the entire Kingdom and people will die in every force area you as holders of the office of constable have a clear duty to preserve life, you also have a clear duty to detect offences and place the offenders before the courts. I would therefore submit you have a clear duty to investigate all deaths in your force area to find those deaths caused by the withholding of urgent medical treatment. You should also take death bed statements from those whose illness has progressed to a stage they can no longer survive with a view to bringing murder charges against Hancock, Vallance, Whitty and local hospital administrators who have complied with orders from above and refused lifesaving treatment to patients who have or will die without that treatment. I would remind you I was only obeying orders was the defence of Hitler’s Generals and the Nuremburg defence did not work for them and it must not be accepted in her Majesty’s Kingdom. Her Majesty at her Coronation swore an oath to rule us according to our laws. You all took an oath to her majesty to uphold her law to the best of your ability and without Favour, Fear, Malice or Ill will. You have an absolute duty to support her Majesty by upholding her law and preserving the life of her subjects you still have an estimated 30,000 plus lives to preserve. And placing before the courts those who actions have caused and are causing deaths in your own force area.

Respectfully Submitted

Albert Burgess

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